Year Five Jaguars

Welcome to Year 5, Jaguar Class!

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Class Teacher: Mrs K. Valentini
Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Rough
Learning Support: Mr K. Stanley (PM)


Green boxes = live lessons. White boxes are suggestions to help you manage your time well, and to ensure that you are completing all activities.

Live lessons in maths are taught in 2 groups. Please check your Teams account to see whether you are Group 1 or 2. Friday live conferences are taught in small groups. Please check your Teams account for your conference group.
All other lessons are taught whole class.

Mrs Valentini is online to help you from 8:45 to 4pm every day, which is also when she will respond to messages and provide feedback.

Spring Term Medium Term Plan
-What are we learning this term?-

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 Autumn Term 2020 

 November 2020

What a blast we had on Ancient Greek Day! The Year 5 children came into school in their most authentic Ancient Greek costumes; planned and took part in an Ancient Greek Olympics; theatre; arts, crafts, dance and much more!

They have also been exploring what it would be like to visit modern Athens, and even created their own variations of a traditional Greek salad.

As part of their World War II topic, Year 5 have begun by commemorating Remembrance Day, and are already engrossed in our class novel: Friend or Foe, By Michael Morpurgo.

Our maths learning has been a challenge, with the children learning about negative and decimal numbers, using their reasoning skills to deepen their knowledge. 


October 2020

Year 5 have been impressing Mrs Valentini left, right and centre with their enthusiasm and love for learning!

They have been thoroughly enjoying their history topic on Ancient Greece, and have been exploring, designing and creating their very own Greek Amphoras. They have also been inspired by Ancient Greek mythology and used their impressive knowledge to write their very own myths. It has been great to take advantage of our fantastic outdoor learning environment, including performing in our very own mini outdoor Greek theatres. In science, the Year 5s have been investigating forces, air and water resistance, friction and more! The children have already progressed in maths, and have gained impressive knowledge of larger numbers and have used their understanding to solve complex problems.