Remote Learning -Year 1 Dolphins 

A warm welcome to the Year 1 Dolphin class page.

The Year 1 team would like to thank-you for all your support during this time.

We will attach the resources for the daily live remote teaching sessions and a linking activity and other ideas to complete during the afternoon session. Please check your child's email every day as the information is also available on the Microsoft Teams page.

Many thanks

Mrs Griffin and Mrs Ryan



 Remote Celebration Assembly with Mr Bishop every Friday at 2pm!



Daily messages, resources and activities 11.01.2020

Monday 11th January        Message_to_parents_.docx


 Tuesday 12th January


Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th maths game

Wednesday 13th Plant sortingWednesday 13th Plant Hunt     



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Daily messages, resources and activities week commencing 4.01.21

7.1.20  Message from Mrs G Gruffalo_Bingo.docx  ks1_reading_vipers.pdf Gruffalo_Bingo.docx

Jolly_Phonics_Actions_Sheet___1_.pdf /docs/Decriptive_flashcards.doc  

/docs/Mrs_Griffins_Gruffalo_Ideas__.docx GRUFFALO_PLAN1_1_.doc 

GRUFFALO_PLAN2_1_.doc The_Gruffalo_word_mat.pdf

 8.01.21 8_1_21.docx  /docs/Dreams_Goals_Remote_.pptx  



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January 2021

Information- how to support your children with Letters & Sounds and the  Phonics Screening for June 2021.


Phonics Guidance for Parents 






Class Information 

Class Teachers 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Mrs Ryan.

Thursday and Friday- Mrs Griffin.

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Pearmain and Mrs Funnell 

Please see below some information you may find helpful and check the Curriculum page for our long term planning and the Priors Wood Pedagogy and ethos!


Monday- Reading books sent home- Please add a comment and use Mrs Valentini's parent comments suggestions for guidance.

Tuesday-PE-Please ensure your child has a PE kit/school T-shirt and shorts plus a winter jogging suit ( black) Remember to label everything!

Wednesday- Upload your child's home learning on to Class Dojo


Friday- PE- Please send your child's reading book into school so it can be quarantined over the weekend. 

Check class Dojo and your child's email account as we will be using these to communicate with you all!

Year 1 Topic Plan



Year 1 Recovery Timetable


Medium Term Plan for Autumn Term 2020


Medium Term Plan for Spring Term 2021


Medium Term Plan for Summer Term 2021


Year 1 Newsletter to Parents 




Autumn  2 History 

During Autumn 2 the children have been finding out about the Gun Powder plot and how Guy Fawkes and his gang plotted to blow up King James 1st and the Houses of Parliament on the 5th November 1605. 

The children showed reflection and respect whilst learning about WW1 and remembering the fallen. They used a variety of media to create Poppies and discovered how animals were used to support the troops from 1914 until 1918. They discovered the purple poppy was used to remember the animals!


 Diwali and festival of light gave many opportunities for the Dolphins to role play the story of Rama and Sita- and learn knowledge about the Hindu festival. They used adjectives to describe the monkey king Hanuman and the evil king Ravana! Links to art and DT gave opportunity for the children to create Rangoli using coloured rice and salt dough to make Divas.

Performing Arts

Drama, music, DT and art are used to promote creativity and children learn many new skills such as confidence and different genres in music whilst performing. Look out for our Christmas production The Twelve Days of Christmas at Priors Wood- coming very soon!

Autumn 1 

We have lots of exciting things planned including exploring our new learning environment both inside and out and making some maps. We will be looking at the ever changing weather and the change in the seasons.

Within maths we are looking at numbers to 10 and how to apply them as well as talking about position (including right, left, clockwise and anti-clockwise as well as 1st 2nd 3rd etc). In English we are recapping Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics before moving on to Phase 4 before the Winter break. We are looking at writing simple sentences in a range of topics including recipes, instructions, fact files and stories. We will be using our phonic knowledge and remembering our capital letters and full stops when writing as well as our finger spaces. 


During Science, we have been studying Autumn and using the outside learning environment to discover signs of Autumn. The Dolphin's have been on an Autumn hunt, made hedgehogs, squirrels and foxes using clay and used leaves to create leaf people whilst embedding facts and knowledge about the season of Autumn. We read the story 'We're going on a leaf hunt' and retold it adding our own actions.

The children also created their own stories and then went on their very own leaf hunt around our learning garden. The children learnt new positional language such as going over the mountain, through the forest, around the waterfall and across the lake, in our very own homemade boat! Afterwards, they investigated different types of trees and leaves, if trees lost their leaves and discovered evergreen and deciduous trees! We had so much fun learning about Autumn, we even managed to do some counting with our Autumn finds too!