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Welcome to the Year 3 Seals!

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Class Teacher: Miss A. Eaves
Teaching Assistants: Mrs E. Donoghue & Mrs S. Smith
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs D. Little (am only) 

Year 3 Timetable

Spring 2021 NewsletterLKS2 Timetable for Home Learning

January/February 2021 (Home Learning Information)

Please see the Lower Key Stage 2 timetable for home learning above. The green boxes are live lessons whilst the white boxes are suggestions to help you manage your time well, and to ensure that you are completing all activities.

There will be live lessons/catch-ups everyday with Miss Eaves, so please check your emails and Teams calendar to check when these are.

Miss Eaves will be online to help you from 8:45 to 4pm every day, which is also when she will respond to messages and provide feedback on the work you have completed. Any work sent after 4pm will be responded to by 4pm the following day. 

Thankyou to each one of you for your hard work and support during this difficult time - you are all superstars!

Week Beginning 22.02.21

Foundation Subjects Tasks for w/c 22.02.21Guided Reading Tasks

Handwriting 23.02.21Handwriting 25.02.21

History Extension ActivityRoman Temple Instructions

Science - Light & Shadows Explanations ppt

Science - Light & Shadows Investigation ppt

Science - Light & Shadows Investigation Sheet

Naples & Campania Worksheet 2Naples & Campania Worksheet 3

Template for Literacy 24.02.21

Week Beginning 08.02.21

Friday Continuous Provision Activities - 12.01.21

Please check your emails and Teams for the resources to support this week's continuous provision activities. If you cannot find them, please message Miss Eaves on Teams. 

Foundation Subjects Tasks for w/c 08.02.21

Identifying & Using Muscles - PowerPointIdentifying & Using Muscles - Worksheet

Make Your Own Roman Mosaic InstructionsHow to Make a Wind Turbine Instructions

Monday 8th Feb Guided Reading S1Monday 8th Feb Guided Reading S4

Tuesday 9th Feb HandwritingWednesday 10th Feb Guided Reading

Thursday 11th Feb Handwriting


November/December 2020

Year 3 began Autumn 2 by looking at life in the Bronze Age. We even made our own clay pots with the help of Celtic Harmony Camp (virtually!). Afterwards, we moved onto the Iron Age. Miss Eaves split the class into 2 Iron Age tribes: The Britons & The Gauls. All week the tribes competed in various challenges to see who would come out on top. At the end of the week, we took part in an Iron Age Olympic Games and created our very own shields.


In writing, Year 3 have been looking at fables. We have explored many of Aesop's fables and used our drama skills to teach each other some very important morals. By the end of the term, we had planned, written and typed up our very own fables, which we made into a book for Year 1. 


In science, we have been exploring fossils and soils as part of our 'Rocks, Fossils and Soils' topic. We looked at how fossils are formed and even made our own fossils using bread and sweets! Year 3 loved examining soils close up - we even found lots of real life insects!









September/October 2020

Year 3 have started this year with so much energy, enthusiasm and passion in everything they have done. They have really taken on the role of Key Stage 2 children with confidence and maturity.

Our main topic this term has been the Stone Age, and Year 3 have become experts in this prehistoric era! This has shone through in their writing, in which they begun by writing a wonderful set of instructions for a Palaeolithic task based on the text 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. They even followed a set of instructions to create their own Stone Age Tools, just like the Hunter-Gatherers would have done 2.5 millions years ago! It was tricky, but everyone showed great resilience and determination. 


In science, Year 3 have become petrologists, looking at rocks as part of our 'Rocks, Fossils and Soils' topic for this term. They began the year by studying different types of rocks, and classifying them into groups. They tested their hardiness, acidity and permeability and figured out which rocks were sedimentary, which were igneous and which were metamorphic. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed finding various rocks around school during their playtime and lunchtime, and later figuring out what type of rock it is. After this, we made our own rocks using starburst - we even managed to not lick our fingers once!


During October, we have been celebrating Black History Month. Year 3 have blown me away by their maturity in which they have discussed this topic, they are truly amazing young people with empathy and passion that amazes me each day. We have been discussing the amazing work of Nelson Mandela, and this was reflected through their excellent homework. We have also been celebrating the beautiful artwork of Alma Thomas. Feeling inspired, Year 3 have produced their own Alma Thomas inspired artwork through a range of different mediums, taking great care and pride in their work. 



We are looking forward to sharing more work with you as the year goes on!